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Hi! I’m Angie. I am a Professional Organizer. I am a helping hand-enabling others to bring some order into their lives. Creating extra space, time and a little less stress in people’s everyday life.

Organizing Tips from Architecturally Organized

  • May 2023 Volume 11
    2023-5_Vol 11_AO Newsletter by Angela Caddy
  • Guess what time of year it is? Time for a seasonal swap of your clothes!
    Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here! I hung out with my grandma a lot while growing up. Most of the time when the weather was warm we were all kicked outside to go play. We built forts in the forest, swang from vines and would catch tadpoles in the pond!! Gram was always up … Read more
  • April 2023 Volume 10
    2023-4_Vol 10_AO Newsletter by Angela Caddy
  • Architecturally Organized steps into a New Year!
    Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here!  It has been a little while since we have posted.  Ok – a long while.  But guess what? That is life. It happens to everyone.  I am sure quite a bit has happened in your lives the past year.  We learn and grow from the changes.  And that … Read more
  • 13 things you can do on the Longest Day of the Year.
    Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here!  Guess what today is? It is the first day of the new Season….Today is officially the first day of Summer!!  The Summer Solstice – The longest day of the year…. the Sun is at its highest point in the sky today. What does that have to do with … Read more

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