Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here! 

Guess what today is? It is the first day of the new Season….Today is officially the first day of Summer!! 

The Summer Solstice – The longest day of the year…. the Sun is at its highest point in the sky today.

What does that have to do with organizing? Absolutely nothing.

We are not talking too much about organizing today…. Not talking too much about anything really… I figure… Everyone needs a time to relax and regroup…. To just take a minute and forget all the worries and stressors…. To clear your mind…. Everyone needs that sometimes… Why not take the time now?

Looks like today we are talking about self care… 

Take the day to take some time out for yourself….

  1. Take a Bubble Bath.
  2. Soak in the sun (Get that vitamin D in!!)
  3. Express Gratitude
  4. Start reading that book you have been wanting to start.
  5. Learn how to sew.
  6. Take a nap
  7. Take a walk
  8. Go to the Gym
  9. Watch your favorite movie
  10. Set a goal list
  11. Deep Clean something (Don’t laugh – some people find this completely relaxing!!)
  12. Play in the garden
  13. Take a day trip


If those activities don’t float your boat…. Think of something that does and do it!  How does that sound? Just relax… destress…chill… whatever you want to call it!

Get your headspace cleared out…. Once you do that… well…it will possibly help make it a little easier for you to start tackling your to do list.

Till Next time!!

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