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Angela Caddy, Founder
Architecturally Organized

My name is Angie.  I have been organizing all of my life.  At an age where I was too young to have a job – I would clean and organize for my mother as a Birthday or Christmas gift (we are talking full on – remove everything from the cupboards and start from scratch).  As I got older friends would ask me for help or advice on trying to manage/organize their homework… 

Eventually I went to college to get my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (I also designed spaces since I was a kid – laying out a furniture plan for my bedroom before I cleaned and organized it- had been doing that since I was in 9th grade… ya – I could be a bit unusual).  I lived in tiny cramped apartments – one after another (Living in small spaces also gave me an advantage in the organizing world – I learned very quickly how to organize all my… stuff… and fit it into a very small amount of square feet – AND still be able to find everything!) I went to school part-time, while I worked at an Architect firm full-time.  I have been in this profession for almost 20 years, and have been studying it for over 20 (just like other fields- you NEVER stop learning!!).

Throughout all that time, I would still have friends and family asking me for organizing assistance and/or advice – It’s something I always enjoyed doing and just seemed to have a knack for – and on numerous occasions – caught myself saying… “if I wasn’t in the Architectural Profession – I  really should have become a Professional Organizer – is that such a thing?!?!?” Luckily for me – it is a thing!! And I decided to go for it!!

And that is how we have Architecturally Organized.  Combining the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my career (which consisted of creating space plans, Construction drawings, and being the Project Manager of spaces ranging in 1,200 sf to 50,000+ sf) and fusing it together with my love of organizing.  If you want to learn more about me and Architecturally Organized – be sure to check out the blog.

Thank you!

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