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Summer is almost over and Fall is on its way… now this may bum some people out – but I look forward to it! I am ready for cooler weather – it has been way too hot for me! I don’t go all crazy with pumpkin spice flavored everything – But I do enjoy a roaring fire, some hot cocoa, a good book and Swedaweda!!!! 

I don’t know what gave me the idea to do this… I think it was watching too many TikTok videos and seeing how some styles and things that I grew up with are coming back.. Every time you look around it’s like a flashback… scrunchies were in… then they were out… now they are back in again… The 90’s have been back and for me that was a glorious time!! I miss the 90’s… I miss watching MTV and them actually playing music videos!! I miss talking on my clear light up phone with my friends for hours at a time…So many fun memories for me….

As I sit here and reminisce about the 90’s …. One thing that I did on the regular… was laying in my daybed reading my Seventeen magazine.  I remember how much I used to LOVE doing the quizzes.  They were absolutely ridiculous but it was fun…. so….I thought I would create a cheesy quiz about organizing… with a cheesy 90’s theme!! Enjoy!

OMG!!! The 90’s are back!! Here is a cheesy organizing quiz for you to take!!! 

UUUghhh that darn alarm!! Time to get up and go to school….you…

a. Turn off the alarm, get showered, get dressed (in the clothes you laid out the night before), grab all your school stuff and then go downstairs and have breakfast (3)

b. Hit snooze so many times you have lost count, eventually wake up and grab a pair of jeans from the floor and a sweatshirt and then you are out the door (1)

c. Hit snooze once, get up, get dressed, grab your stuff and a pop tart and go out the door (2)

Are the clothes in your closet color coordinated?

a. Well – my clothes are all black, so sure – they’re coordinated. (2)

b. HA! You’re lucky they are on a hanger! (1)

c. My clothes are all on matching hangers, and sub divided by type and then within each type they are color coordinated. (3)

You just got home from school… you walk in the door and…

a. Toss of my shoes by the door, drop my backpack next to my shoes and head to the kitchen to make myself a snack (1)

b. Take my shoes off and go up to my room. Place my shoes in my closet in their designated spot. Take my homework out of my backpack and put it on my desk and hang my backpack up on the back of my desk chair. (3)

c. Place my shoes on the shoe rack by the door, toss my backpack in my room, and go to the kitchen to make myself a snack (2)


You’re totally buggin!!! You have an Art assignment due that you completely forgot about!! Better grab the tape and scissors so you can make a fly ass presentation! But first – do you know where your scissors are??

a. Yes, in the junk drawer in the kitchen (3)

b. Well they are probably somewhere on my desk (2)

c. Oh sure thing… NOT!!!! (1)

Speaking of your desk…. Please describe it to me!! What is on it?

a. Well… I don’t know, like…. Stuff (1)

b. It is neat and tidy! (2)

c. The top drawer is for pencils and pens, the bottom drawer is for scented markers, I keep all of my tablets in the middle drawer on the left… Do you want me to keep going? (3)

like, stuff

Do your nail polish bottles match?

a. If you mean they are all in their original bottles – then yes they match… (2)

b. Of course – they are categorized by brand and then are color coordinated (3)

c. As if!!! (1)

You’re running out the door to meet your friends at the mall… Don’t forget your lucky scrunchie!!! Now wait – where did you set it down?

a. Who knows!! I am always losing it!! (1)

b. Where I always put it after I am done with it – on my Vanity (3)

c. It is either in my backpack, in my hair, or in the bathroom… (2)

How are you punctual??

a. I am always on time, usually with a few minutes to spare (3)

b. Right on the dot! (2)

c. Eh… I am usually a couple minutes late (1)

That was absolutely ridiculous right?!?! I know.. I know… A little bit of cheese never hurts anyone!
Anyways – Now tally up those points!! And let’s see how you did!




Ren – (Ren and Stimpy Show) I imagine your room would look something like his room.

You are barely organized at all…..You do not know where anything is at… oh-but look – there is that notebook you were looking for last week!!  That is how you typically find things – stumble upon them a week after you were looking for it..



Clarissa Darling – (Clarissa Explains it All) Her room was always tidy-though there was definitely a lot going on in it!! You are a fairly organized person.  Sometimes life gets in the way and makes it difficult to find things but you always get what you need….. Or you could be one of those lucky people who can have “organized chaos”… a messy desk doesn’t phase you – you know that you left your school books under the pile of magazines and that your lucky scrunchy is at the bottom of your backpack!



Carlton Banks – (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) I imagine your room to be as neat and tidy as Carlton dresses.  Clothes pressed and neat and color coordinated.  Your closet would give Cher Horowitz’ closet a run for the money.  You are very well put together and organized..Come to think of it….actually ….you may be on the verge of being completely anal retentive and might be giving out sleeping with the enemy vibes…

So that was totally cheesy right? But all in good fun – and a nice flashback of being a kid/teen in the 90’s! Now that the quiz is completed…. You tallied up your points!! You gotta tell me?!?!?! Where did you score? Please comment below!!

Also – today I make the announcement of the winners of the Virtual Organizing Sessions!  I did a number generator and Instagram users Kellyact and Tarafitnessinspired have each won!!  Congratulations!!! I am looking forward to talking with you both!!!

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