Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here.

I hope you all are enjoying the Fall weather and are cozied up in sweaters and cups of hot cocoa!! I know I am!! We just got a new Keurig recently and I had to go out and buy flavor syrups for it, so now I can add raspberry or salted caramel to my hot cocoa and it tastes better than the cocoa I get from Wawa!! I am excited about this – can you tell?!?!

Once Halloween is over everything else seems to just zoom past!! It is November!!! Already!!! Ya know time is flying by and Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Have you settled on a menu? Do you go Black Friday shopping, and if so – do you have your shopping list/must haves straightened out?

I have never been a big Black Friday shopping – I don’t like the crowds – or the horror stories of people ripping items from each other’s hands… no thank you, I will pass!! In all reality – I do not know if those horror stories are actually true – But I don’t want to find out lol.

That being said… with all the shopping and eating and craziness during the holidays… Do you ever just stop and take the time to think about the past year and what has happened during it – the good and the bad? A lot of people “give thanks” at Thanksgiving, you know what I am talking about, you see it in cheesy lifetime movies…the scenes of family and friends, together, sitting around their table and taking the time to share with each other what they are thankful for – their health, their family.. Etc. Does your family do this? How often do you give thanks and appreciate what you have in your life?

I like to think that I am thankful all year long, that I show gratitude often… But it makes me wonder – is it enough? I like to think I always tell friends/family/and total strangers that I appreciate them and/or something they have done…. But is there anything else we can do this time of year?? Well why not take some time to Give.

I know this is the season to give thanks… and presents… but instead of spending money – is there anything else you can give?

November 30th is all about a Day of Giving… Taking the time to give of yourself to others. Your time, your patience, your heart…. So many ways to help give. Donate some clothes or canned goods to a shelter, donate your time at a soup kitchen.

Just some food for thought… I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!
Stay warm, and I’ll talk to you later!

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