Pinterest Perfect or Perfect for you?

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Jun 7, 2021

Pinterest is a great tool – but not always reality….

Who all uses Pinterest? I think almost everyone.  You can find ANYTHING on that site!! I have been on pinterest for years… pining recipes, outfits, makeup tips and cleaning/organizing tips and tricks.  It’s a great place to get ideas and inspiration….though, I won’t lie – most things I have pinned just sit in their folder.  Granted – Pinterest upped their game and added the feature of folders within folders – and this made my heart happy (I am sure every person who loves to organize was jumping for joy when this option became available!!)!!  I could organize all my recipes by meal type – I was in heaven, but after that they still just sat there… lol… anyone else?? Bueller?? Bueller?? (I know I am not the only person who pins and leaves them hanging….am I??) (Image found:

Pinterest can be a bit intimidating no matter what your hobby or profession.  You login.. enter your search word… and voila…. you have a world of ideas at your fingertips and you can scroll for hours (That’s not just me too is it?) looking at all the picture perfect cakes, closets and wardrobes – and you think I could do that!!

So what do you do? You grab your crafting supplies, your baking supplies or your make up and you go to town… and you end up with … A not so picture perfect product.  You have to remember – these Pinterest Perfect Posts are done (mostly) by professionals or at least by someone who has been making the same thing over to the point of perfecting it, and often have the help of some great lighting and props…   

(image found at: )

Like I said… Intimidating… But it doesn’t have to be.  Those picture perfect cakes and closets – they are not everyone’s reality and that is ok!!  Like I said – for me – it is all about INSPIRATION!!  When it comes to Pinterest and Organizing – Yes, it can sometimes give us feelings of self doubt…feelings of being overwhelmed… or that we are just not capable of doing something…  Well – I think you have to be positive and not focus on the negative…  The site can really inspire.  Look at it for its creativity and the ideas you can get from it.  That is what your focus should be. 

I think there are different levels of Organizing for different people.  Each and everyone of us are different just like each and every one of our Organizing projects are  going to be different.  Some people – they have Pinterest expectations, but for most of us – we just want things to work for us.  I could be wrong – but I have a feeling those Pinterest Perfect closets and cabinets do not stay perfect for long… maybe I am wrong…. but those people probably don’t have a spouse… or kids…. or company over…ever (I am teasing here – but not really). 

So you tell me – What does “Organized” mean to you??  Is it everything matching – labels, soup cans facing the same way – do images of the organized kitchen cabinets from Sleeping with the Enemy pop in your head?!?!?!  Or is it the ease of knowing where everything is? That everything has its “home”? You tell me!!

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