Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here.

How has your January been? Have you been joining in on GO Month?? It has been a lot of fun!!! One thing that is NOT listed on the Go Month Printable – is organizing your books/library!!

Are you an avid reader??? Do you have a favorite genre? Or do you read anything and everything? 

I think I fell in love with reading in about 4th or 5th grade… Started out with R.L. Stine Fear Street books (I still have a collection of them!!) which were cheesy scary stories… from there – I moved on to Dean Koontz (I collect all his books – in his name – as well as in his other pen names) – again, more scary stories – but for adults instead of tweens.  I also collect Nicholas Sparks books.  I was in 10th or 11th grade when my cousin lent me “Message in a bottle” to read… I tell you – I have NEVER cried so hard from a book or movie or anything in my life.  I bawled.  Seriously!!  

Typically I do not save books.  I like to share them and pass them on.  In my family my grandmother tends to buy books at the local goodwill.  After she reads them she sets them aside… Once she has a good little pile they get passed along either to my mom or to me… and then we pass it on… eventually the bag gets back to gram and she gives them back to goodwill.

I have friends and clients who will collect and keep every book they have ever touched and on the other hand I know some people that do not hold on to any books….  There is a wide divide when it comes to keeping books.

For those that do keep books – storing them, showcasing them, organizing them… there are so many ways to do all of those things…. As always – the trick is finding out which way works best for you (you are going to hear me say that way too many times – FYI).

Are you a visual person? Organizing your books by their visual presentation may be the best way for you to keep track of your books…. How would you visually organize your books? Try:

Hard Cover vs Soft Cover

By Color

By Stacking books

Arrange by height and size

Separate and display your favorite books

Separate books you haven’t read

That is just a few ways that you can organize your books in a way to visually have separation or distinction between the books…. For those of you who are more analytical…. You may want a more systematic approach.  Try:

Organize by Genre or topic

Alphabetically by Title

Alphabetically By Author

Chronological order

Fiction vs nonfiction

There are numerous ways that you can organize your books… try a few out and see what works best for you.  Personally – I…well … I use a couple methods… I separate by Author…. Then I put them in chronological order from that Author.  I do that with the few authors that I collect.  All other books are grouped by Genre… and then I have a few of my favorite books stacked together….. This works for me.  If I am looking for a book I will find it very easily with my method.  You may find this bizarre and prefer to keep your books in color order.  This is also great! There is no wrong way – only the right way for you!!

Well… that’s it for now!! Stay warm and I’ll talk to you later!!

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