This year has been flying by so fast!! We are already past the middle of August, which…in my book means the summer is almost over. Granted we have over a month till the Fall Solstice….. But once the first week of August hits … well…. for me – growing up the first week of August was the County fair…and when the week was over… and the fair was packing up… it was always a big bummer because that was it… school would be starting soon and summer as I knew it was over… lol.. So dramatic!!!  To be honest – with the heat that we have been getting hit with…. I am looking forward to Fall!! 

So in honor of getting ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, I have put together a few little Organizing Projects that you can easily do on your own that will help you get you ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Swap out our clothes!!

When I was little I remember my gram storing away her winter clothes…. And up until my 30’s – it was never something I really did… and to be fair – for the most part I try to keep most of my wardrobe wearable year round – however there are things like big bulky sweaters that do not need to be worn when it’s over 90 degrees.  

Now is the time when I start pulling those items out of storage so that I can wash them and get them put away as well as go through my current closets and drawers and donate items that I do not wear anymore and toss things that are … too “worn in” lol.

Start gathering up all the swimsuits and beach attire and put them away as well as getting out the coats and get them washed and ready for use!

Fall Menu Planning, Fridge Purge and Panty stock

Now is also the time to start bringing out the comfort food!!!  I cook different things in the fall and winter than I do in the spring and summer.  Hello meaty stews and pot pie!! Take some time and take inventory of what you have on hand.  Go through your fridge, your freezer and your pantry.  Take notes of what you have in stock and what you are going to need on hand (example: I rarely use beef broth in the summer time – though it often gets used in the winter for different soups and stews, so I always make sure to pick some up this time of year as I know I will be using it).

Attack your Central Station (Your document catch all area)

Is it your desk? Your kitchen counter? You’re dining room table? Where do you throw your bills, your important documents, your kids’ school work?  Time to Organize that area!!  

If you have kids- they are going back to school shortly… So all of last year’s work – time to go through it and only keep what you really need – if you are super sentimental – take a few photos of some of the paperwork – but discard the rest.

Purge and shred documents that need to be destroyed, Put everything else where it belongs and get ready to start the season with everything in its place!!

Clean and Swap Decor

I Spring clean… but I also Summer, Fall and Winter clean. In my head – it just makes sense to do a nice thorough cleaning before each season.  I have season decorations up and this just works great for me.  I take down my summer decorations (think fake flowers, kitchen dish towels, table linens and such) – they get washed and put in their designated totes.  Then everything gets a good deep clean.  Everything is dusted, windows are washed, furniture gets moved and vacuumed – the whole 9!! Then it is time to pull out the next seasonal decorations and put them up!!!

Outdoor close up…

Time to give a good clean to your outdoor patio furniture as well as get ready to close the pool!  I know it doesn’t sound like fun – and besides it is “outdoor furniture” … trust me.  “Next Year” you will thank you!!! Take the time now to give everything a good clean before packing things away that way when it’s time to set everything back out you will have less work to do! 

I won’t lie, I love when fall comes around… I love when the days are warm and the evenings are crisp.  I love hoodies and a good campfire.  I love cozy socks and having the fireplace roaring.  

So – you tell me – What do you do at the end of Summer that helps you keep organized?   Now that Summer is ending, there is a good chance your house/garage/attic/etc is in a bit of disarray…I thought- maybe I could help with that and try to make the end of summer not as depressing.

I am hosting an End of Summer Giveaway!!!
(See below on how to enter!!) 

I will pick two names on the last day of August (the 31st) and those (2) winners will receive a 3 hour
zoom/ facebook video chat Virtual Organizing Session. 

The Virtual Organizing sessions will consist of:
Session 1 (1 hour): discussing your problem areas and what your goals are for the space.  You will show me around the space.  You will show me what works for you, what doesn’t work for you and any inspirational ideas that you may have.  After the session is over I will then make a program that works for you and your needs. 

Session 2 (1 hour): During the second session we will go through the program and you can start the work.  I will be with you for the beginning stages so that you can ask any questions.  Once our hour is up you will continue the program on your own.  Once you have completed the program we will schedule our session. 

Session 3 (1hour): We will discuss how everything works for you.  We will discuss any issues you may be having and any new ideas or thoughts that have come to you while you were working.  We will discuss other options that may work better.

Below are ways to enter.  You can have only 1 entry or you can do any or all of the options below (up to 7 total entries) Obviously the more your name is in the pot the better your odds of getting chosen. 

  • 1-Like the Blog Facebook Post that announces the blog and the Giveaway.
  • 1-Share the Blog Facebook Post that announces the blog and the Giveaway.
  • 1-Like Architecturally Organized on Facebook
  • 1-Follow Architecturally Organized on Instagram
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  • 1-Join our mailing list-DM me your email address
  • 1-comment on blog and answer the question “what do you do at the end of the summer that helps keep you organized?”

(if you already follow any of the pages – please let me know -comment on the post that announces the giveaway and you will still receive an entry) 

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