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Oct 19, 2021
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Hello Everyone, Angie from Architecturally Organized here. 

So… it’s October!!

I figured it would be fun to talk about Halloween instead of organizing… who can think of organizing when you can be busy thinking about what your halloween costume is going to be… what kind of candy you need to buy…. How are you going to hang that spider from the ceiling?!?! Right??  I know it is silly.. But I love Halloween… I don’t go all out like some people do… but I have a few spiders and skulls laying around my house… 

Once October hits I throw up my Halloweenie decorations and start buying candy on a weekly basis.. I also sit and watch all the silly and scary halloween movies I can find.  October happens to be “Halloween Safety Month”  which – I didn’t realize they had such a thing, and at the same time it does not surprise me.  I read about numerous “safety” recommendations and thought the world might be going a bit overboard with things… think: reflective costumes, fire-retardant costumes, and masks that you can see in… and the only thing I can think of is how my costumes were always hand made and used from things we have around the house…. Aside from a few things we needed to purchase to tie it all together… I remember the masks that you couldn’t breathe in or see out of…and, well… we’ll just say things were A LOT different back then than they are now!!!  

As far as Halloween Trick or Treating safety goes… I think a lot of it is common sense… Go in groups, Don’t walk in the middle of the road (it’s dark out there!), stay away from sketchy looking houses (again-go in groups-less likely to have a whole group abducted then just one right?!?!),  Have a check in time set up to see or talk to your kids and find out where they are and who they are with, if you’re driving around on Halloween – keep your eyes on the road-remember kids don’t always pay attention and tend to run out into streets (don’t run over a ghost or goblin!!)

If you aren’t trick or treating – and you plan on handing out candy instead… Well, now is the time to clean up your front porch/stoop (this might entail a little bit of organizing!!).  Turn on an outdoor light if needed….Trim back any hedges, sweep away any rubble and rock… make it easy for everyone to access your front door!

I know some people will leave a bowl outside for everyone to take what they want – well that is not my style.. I love seeing everyone (kids and adults) in their costumes!! I always make sure to have my bowl by the door ready to give out the candy!! Unfortunately, we do not get many trick or treaters up our way!

So now, please tell me about your Halloween traditions! 

What were your favorite costumes?? As a kid and as an adult?? As a kid – my favorite costume was a gypsy that my mom set up… I had an old jean dress of hers with some sort of top over it… We used my guinea pig clear plastic travel ball (which we cleaned first) and covered it in tin foil to be my magic ball…. As an adult…  I reuse costumes… and kind of rotate them… Peggy Bundy has always been my favorite!!!

Lastly – what is your favorite Halloween Candy?? I have a poll below for you to vote on your favorite!! If your favorite isn’t listed please comment and tell me what it is along with your favorite Halloween costume/tradition!!

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