What is your level of “organized”?? Are their magic tips and tricks or secret lists that enable people to stay organized?

Is there a magic word out there that if you shout it out 3 times your house will be magically transformed and everything will be organized and you will live happily ever after?

No, I don’t think there is. Though if you google enough you will definitely find plenty of lists-some that even claim such a thing will happen.  But let’s be real here – there is no secret list, magic word or spell or sorcery.  In my eyes – it is just a lot of boring routine work and paying attention to your surroundings.  You see something lying around where it shouldn’t be – you pick it up and put it away.  That is my key…. I don’t know what the right word is here  … my key understanding… my key process… I don’t know.. What I do know is if you do that on a regular basis it will help keep your house organized.

I think Organizing means something different to everyone, and one list is not going to make everybody happy.  Yes – the basics of the word is the same-But I think there are different levels of it for different people.  For some – just having all their spices in one spot in their kitchen is organized enough for them… then you have those (eehhhheeemmm, let me clear my throat) who need them in matching jars and labels…. Then a step above this… those that put them in alphabetical order… which level are you? (I don’t put my spices in alphabetical order – but in order of most used to least-it’s what makes the most sense to me for my kitchen use)  


I think the BIGGEST tip of all is that everything should have a “home”.


And to further this statement, this “home” should be in a practical location.
For most items – and most people – this is common sense; however – the final location may not be the same for everyone.
That practical location is different for everyone, and finding a system that works best for you is the end game.

What is an object you have-that for your home  and for you-  that just makes sense to keep it where you have it – but for others it doesn’t make sense?  For me – I would say it’s that my Ralphie boy (aka my chocolate lab)  gets a portion of a cabinet that is strictly for him.  We do not have an attached garage or a mud room for storing his supplies, so the small everyday items go into this cabinet.  He has his leash in there, a refillable container of dog food, some treats and other odds and ends (I still have some of his puppy teeth!!).  For me it makes sense as I feed him in the kitchen, he gets treats in the kitchen, when we go on walks we exit out of the kitchen. For me,this is the most practical place for his items. 

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